How to Foster Creativity – eCo Create

Many of us may feel that creativity is born, not acquired along the way. Though some inborn talent may play a part, we at eCoCreate are of the belief that there are many other factors that can help foster creativity and give rise to unique works of art. Here are some thoughts on the subject:

Solitude: It is difficult to try to create something when being pestered by external factors like noise and even our mobile phones which seem to ring every 5 minutes just when you are trying to set your mind to something. The best thing to do is switch your phone off, or record a set message if that’s possible, as well as work at a location that is away from crowds, maybe even sound proofed if possible (Check out our Lahe Lahe Creative Lounge!)

Inspiration from the surroundings: While a lot of the inspiration for works of art comes from within the individual, staying in restful and beautiful surroundings will definitely make it easier too. The mind is a lot more at peace when staying in a calm and quiet place like our Art Village, wouldn’t you agree?

Thinking outside the box: This is a term that may sound cliché, but it makes a lot of sense. We all know how tough it is to create something new, when we keep sticking to the same mundane schedule or keep thinking along the same lines. It is only when you expand your boundaries and let your thoughts fly free that the most astounding works of art come about. We love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt – “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

Being creative should be a way of life for young children, and if you are a parent the best way to nurture it may be to just let them be. Encourage their exploring, within safe limits if you need to decide on them. Once we start setting too many boundaries or restrictions, this may end in dampening many a young talent. At eCoCreate, we hope to give free rein to creativity and help foster it in all areas in a unique way. Do check out our page for details:

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